Causes we are working on

How it works?

As a donor, it’s important to carefully select the cause you wish to support, such as food aid, shelter, medical care, education, or end-of-life expenses. When you’re ready to donate, simply click the “Donate Now” button and choose the fund or enter the amount you wish to contribute. If you’d like, you can set up recurring donations and specify the frequency and payment date. Additionally, you have the option to include payment of the transaction fee along with your donation. Once your donation is complete, you will receive a heartfelt hank-you note acknowledging your contribution.

If you’re seeking funds as a recipient, we kindly ask that you provide us with your details by filling out the contact form. It’s important that you clearly explain your situation, including your specific needs, your contributions, and your employment status so that we can properly evaluate your case and provide assistance accordingly. Our dedicated Vaishnava Care Team will review your case and reach out to you directly.


Choose a cause

As a donor, choose a cause like food, shelter, medical, education, and last rites to donate.


Donate funds

Simply click the “Donate Now” button to begin, and choose whether to select a predetermined amount or enter a custom donation. Additionally, you can choose to set up recurring donations and specify the frequency and payment date to make your contributions even more impactful.


Receive a token of gratitude

Once your donation is successful, you will receive a thank you note acknowledging your contribution.


Our mission

Vaishnava Care Fund (VCF) is a non-profit charity organization that was established to serve Vaishnavas, followers of the Hare Krishna movement. Our mission is driven by the mood of dāsānudāsaḥ, or servant of the servant. This means that we do not approach Krsna directly, but instead begin our service to Krsna’s servant. We are a Para-dukha-dukhi movement, meaning that we have no personal troubles, but are very unhappy to see others in trouble. Our empathic movement is focused on serving those who are underprivileged and in need... Read more

At VCF, we are not a corporate-based organization that targets underprivileged communities for the sake of branding. Our core values are centered around the basic needs of individuals, which include medical, shelter, education, last rites, and food. We believe that these core values are essential for supporting the spiritual development of individuals and providing opportunities for self-dependence. We are committed to being transparent with our financial dealings and adhering to strict accounting practices with any donations received.

We recognize the importance of financial planning among devotees and aim to provide support in this area. Many Hare Krishna devotees often face economic challenges due to their commitment to spiritual development, and it is our responsibility to support them through these challenges. By supporting the basic needs of individuals, we are able to take care of their spiritual development, which is a core part of our mission.

At VCF, we are committed to providing support and services to underprivileged Hare Krishna devotee kids. We believe that by supporting the basic needs of these children, we can help them achieve a better quality of life and provide opportunities for self-dependence. Therefore, our focus is on supporting the overall well-being of the individuals we serve, and we believe that this is an essential part of our mission as a charity organization. Read less